“My goal is to have my client delighted with the completed portrait, and that it accurately reflects not only their likeness, but also their character. It is so important to me to create a good painting they will be proud of, and one that crystallises a moment in time that we choose to remember.

It could be a corporate portrait to enhance the office. It may be of parents, children, grand children, sometimes even the family pet, and ultimately be a piece of artwork that will be deeply treasured within the family.”


Several years before Peter Brock’s untimely death, Philip was chosen by a promotions company along with Peter Brock and his management 
to paint a portrait of Peter, from which a co-signed limited edition print run was produced.

Philip found it to be an enjoyable piece to paint although it was challenging to work out how to represent Peter.
In the end Peter was extremely happy with the finished result and there is no doubting Mr Brock’s popularity. 
Combine that with Philip’s reputation for producing high quality artwork and prints and you have an instant sellout of the 950 limited edition prints.

  • Head and shoulders (conte crayon Sketch) 50cm x 60cm - $500

  • Head and shoulders (painted on canvas) 50cm x 60cm - (from) $2000

  • Partial figure with hands (on canvas) 66cm x 100cm - (from) $4000

  • ¾ length figure (on canvas) 90cm x 110cm - (from) $7000

  • Full length figure (on canvas) 110cm x 142cm - (from) $9000


The above prices are an indication only, Philip will always do his best to work within a given budget.

Prices are determined by different elements such as, size of painting required, number of subjects, detail of background etc. Contact Philip directly to start the discussion as he will always do his best to work within a given budget. Although Philip does not prefer to meet the sitter and take his own reference photos, he is happy to produce surprise gift portraits or posthumous portraits from existing photos. Please do not leave the commissioning of a portrait to the last minute, if the work is intended as a gift.