Twilight Hunt


Twilight Hunt

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With its silent flight and a quiver of feathers, the hunter strikes. His target squeals and scampers. His aim is deadly. The Barn Owl prowls the night. He wears his battle dress of mottled gold, fawn and grey with pride. He earns his stripes helping man by hunting rodents. Sometimes he salutes a motorist at night, his majestic silhouette caught in the car headlights.

Some think this winged warrior is one of the world’s most beautiful birds. But the mouse, unmoving, begs to differ. He is pretending to be part of the fence. Will he be dinner? Or will he be lucky? In Farley’s trademark style, the life and vitality of nature contrasts with the decay of the man-made. The rusty gates, the tumble down farm buildings, the corrugated crevices of the owl’s roosting place. Meticulous in detail, it feels like a place in our memories.

Canvas Edition: 600 hand signed
Process: Giclee Print
Canvas: Cotton Acid Free Canvas

Canvas Edition stretched and ready to hang.
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